Finding The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors require maximum maintenance from you to in order to remain new and glossy for a longer span of time.

This type of flooring develops scratches, permanent stains, and sometimes mold that makes them look so dull and unhygienic. It may be a residential property or a commercial one, if you have hardwood flooring, then daily cleaning becomes mandatory.

Vacuum cleaners are an essential cleaning appliance every owner must have that facilitates hardwood cleaning process.

Specialized Vacuums for Hardwood Flooring

To efficiently clean hardwood flooring, there are specially designed vacuum cleaners available in the market today. These cleaners with their compact and light weight nature are apt and safe for cleaning almost all types of hardwood flooring. The standard vacuum cleaners with their blades, thicker bristles and rough brushes tend to scratch the floors and take away its lustre.

Best Hardwood Vacuum Characteristics

While buying a vacuum for your flooring you must ensure the presence of these following characteristics:

  • The vacuums that are specially designed for hardwood floors feature smooth and soft bristles without cylindrical beater brushes near their head.
  • The vacuum meant for flooring featuring hardwood must contain felt stripes and pads at its bottom so as to avoid scratching across the floor.
  • A vital feature to consider while purchasing a vacuum should be its weight. A vacuum meant for this type of sensitive flooring must be light weight. It is only then; the floor will remain new without any damages caused by a heavy vacuum cleaner moving constantly.
  • The vacuum should be compact enough for you to easily carry it anywhere.
  • Look for sweeping and mopping characteristics in a vacuum so that it cleans the floor without leaving any traces of water on it that in due course develops mildew and mold.
  • The suction power should also be more so that cleaning larger sections in a single go can be made effortless.

Recommended Vacuum Models

Today, there is an endless supply of vacuum cleaners available in the appliance stores. These vacuum models hugely vary in their design, style and functionality. If you are confused about the model you want to choose for your flooring, then you can go for the below mentioned best models of vacuum designs that can function competently in all conditions.

  1. Dirt Devil Accucharge – This is the best among the vacuums available for cleaning hardwood floors. This cordless vacuum is energy efficient and can ensure higher performance by consuming very less energy. It requires minimal deck cleaning and can quickly suck all dirt particles and hair from the floor.
  2. Hoover Link – This is a sleek stick vacuum cleaner with 18 pull lithium power battery. The sleek model makes it reachable even in narrow edges of the room thus ensuring perfect cleaning operation.
  3. Hoover Floormate – This design with its spin and scrub feature is apt for cleaning and sanitizing the floors entirely. This multipurpose cleaner with a pocket friendly price tag is hugely recommended by cleaning experts all over.
  4. Shark Navigator Professional – This cleaner is meant only for hard floors and it also cleans the carpets perfectly. The larger dirt canister of this cleaner retains more dirt in them enabling you to continue cleaning bigger surfaces without any need to change the dirt bag.

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