Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors: The Perfect Machine

Vacuuming Pet HairUpdated: May 5, 2017

If you have hardwood floors, you are experiencing great durability and natural beauty associated with this type of flooring. There are many benefits to having hardwood, but problems arise when other factors come into play. Cleaning can become a daunting task if you have a large family and/or pets.

Pets bring love and joy to a home, but they also bring with them the work associated with cleaning up after them. Most pets constantly shed fur that gets onto carpets and in between the grooves.

You can clean your floor on Monday and wake up on Tuesday to floors that appear to have not been cleaned at all. This is because fur from pets can hide in places that conventional cleaning misses. Fur also floats around in the air and gets blown around then collects in different places around the house.

There are three problems that many pet owners face when it comes to fur:

  1. Pet hair gets deep into rugs where some vacuums cannot get it out. When fur falls onto carpets, the movement of people and objects across it push the fur deeper and deeper in.
  2. Pet hair gets blown away by fans, open doors, and the exhaust air of vacuums. Hardwood floors increase this blowing away because there is no friction. The fur is then lost somewhere around the house.
  3. When vacuums suck up pet hair, there is a high possibility that the hair will clog most bags and reduce suction power.

The Solution

When you’re being faced with a tricky combination of hardwood floor and excessive pet hair, the best solution is to have a powerful, lightweight vacuum that’s easy to use, and won’t damage the hardwood floor. The most effective vacuums for animal fur usually come with pet brush attachments and other tools that make it easy to pull out ingrained hair without requiring excessive back and forth motion, which would definitely increase your risk of unwanted scratches and dents to the hardwood. As for finding a vacuum cleaner that’s safe to use on a hardwood floor, The Floor Executives website has a nice hardwood vacuum guide for that too.

Your vacuum should preferably have two or more of the following choices:

  1. A wide selection of attachments that allows you to clean a number of different surfaces. Your vacuum needs to be able to get into small nooks and crannies as well as onto your furniture. A hose is the best choice.
  2. A non-clog bag will leave your vacuum pulling at full power for the entirety of the task of cleaning.
  3. A dirt receptacle is even better. It removes the extra cost of continuously buying bags for your machine. Although you might have to empty the container more often, you save money.
  4. An on and off brush roll for the ability to move from carpets to hardwood flooring.
  5. High suction power means that you will be able to get deep into carpets and remove hard to get pet fur.

Vacuums That May Help

Sometimes, the best choice in vacuum can be found by reading through reviews and seeing what others have said about the products. A number of vacuums have done well enough to be the best at cleaning pet fur on wood flooring.

Dyson DC41

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete has a heavy price tag, but the performance it offers is worth the price. The design allows for maneuverability into the most difficult of areas. It also comes with a variety of tools that allow it to reach up high and places that may be out of reach. The wand of this vacuum stretches to five times in length!

This vacuum retains suction power on all floor types, ideal for people who have both hardwood and pets. Pet hair goes directly into a bin, reducing clogs and tangles. The bin and filters are washable, so there is no extra cost.

The makers of this vacuum say it removes more dust than any other vacuum. Let’s hope that the same is true of pet fur.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Bagless Upright

The Hoover WindTunnel has a number of features that make it one of the top choices for pet owners. There are on-board tools including a pet hair turbo brush and a 12 inch extension. This vacuum has a 5 position carpet height adjustment.

The brush roll can be shut off with the step of a foot, making either carpets or hardwood floors easy to clean. The filter and receptacle can easily be cleaned, which means you save money because you will never have to buy replacement bags.

If you do not have pets and only have to worry about cleaning your hardwood floors, then Dyson and Hoover offer other vacuums that still just right for your needs. Each vacuum will have specifications that may or may not be what you are looking for. You need to decide which will be the best choice for you.

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