Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Canister Vacuum Review

The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite vacuum cleaner has proven to be extremely popular ever since its launch with positive customer reviews flooding the internet. So why the praise for this little vacuum? To keep it short it does its job extremely well especially for such a small contraption.


The motor packs a wonderful punch at 12 amperes on offer ensuring your home is clean and not a single dust bunny escapes. It also has a built in safety so that this motor automatically shuts off if it overheats or malfunctions. This ensures it is safe and will not cause anyone or anything harm.

The vacuum is highly portable as it is small and lightweight as it weighs less than 9 pounds. No more do you have to drag a heavy machine about in order to get the house looking presentable. It also has wheels to make sure you can move about easily in addition to a 20 foot cord. This cord facilitates easy vacuuming without you having to move from one power outlet to the next. It also comes with an extension.

It utilizes a triple filtration bag system in addition to the canister method. Allowing for easy removal and while ensuring your home is thoroughly clean. This filter needs to be cleaned if the vacuum seems to slow down or the suction is not strong. If you are cleaning an area that is filled with fine dust then you may need to clean it more often.

The power touch feature on the handle has also proved to be popular with buyers who find it convenient instead of having to reach down to the canister to turn it on and off.

The Mighty Mite might not be the best hardwood floor vacuum around, but it can handle just about any type of surface, regardless if you have hardwood floors or a wall to wall carpet. It can even be used for upholstery with the special nozzle that comes specifically for this purpose.

What tools does it include?

The tools included as attachments with the vacuum help clean particular services and little nooks that would otherwise be hard to reach. An upholstery nozzle and a dusting brush can be attached to clean upholstery and drapes as well. Crevices can be reached with the crevice tool while a specific nozzle is provided for the carpet and the floor. The package also includes extension wands to better clean the curtains and ceiling corners.

Another interesting feature it possesses is the blower tool which can be used by simply switching the hose to the port at the back. A vacuum cleaner and leaf blower all in one little neat package!

So how do you use these tools?

Attach the particular wand or tool to the hose then make sure the hose is attached to the front of the vacuum. Push the lock button to ensure it is in place and to extend it. Once you have the wand at the right length or height you can begin vacuuming.

For the best suction for a tough spot, close the slip ring which you can find on the hose handle.

To summarize

  • Lightweight canister vacuum
  • Cleans bare and carpeted surfaces completely
  • Power-Touch handle with easy-to-use controls
  • Attachments such as deluxe floor brush, bare-floor nozzle and seven other on board tools
  • Blower port
  • 20-foot cord
  • Compact size
  • Auto safety shut-off
  • Large Easy Roll Wheels

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